Labour Market Conundrum in Jaffna and the North - June 2011
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Wednesday, 22 June 2011

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The second Jaffna Open Forum (co-organised by PPID and FES) took place at the Jaffna Public Library Auditorium on June 03, 2011. It was titled Labour Market Conundrum in Jaffna and the North. The following issues were addressed. 


  1. What are the causes of more than double the national unemployment rate in Jaffna?

  2. What are the policies required to stimulate economic growth WITH new job creation?

  3. Is caste still a barrier to labour mobility?

  4. Is the Muslim minority community in Jaffna experiencing difficulty in finding jobs?

  5. Are former combatants facing discrimination in the job market?

  6. Is foreign remittance from kith and kin inflating the market wage rate?

Fussy Labour in Jaffna - June 2011 English Ver. PDF

Fussy Labour in Jaffna - June 2011 Tamil Ver. PDF 

Fussy Labour in Jaffna - June 2011 Sinhala Ver. PDF  


Jaffna Open Forum 2 – June 2011 – media coverage


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