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Wednesday, 13 February 2008

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  1. Loganathan, Ketheshwaran, (2007), Truthfully Speaking: War, Peace and Human Rights, Point Pedro (Sri Lanka), Point Pedro Institute of Development.
  2. Sarvananthan, Muttukrishna, (2007), Economy of the Conflict Region in Sri Lanka: from Economic Embargo to Economic Repression, Policy Studies Series, Washington, D.C.: East West Center. (Forthcoming) (English / Sinhala / Tamil)

  3. Sarvananthan, Muttukrishna, (2007), People’s Verdict on Tsunami Recovery in Sri Lanka. Colombo: International Centre for Ethnic Studies. (Forthcoming)

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  6. Sarvananthan, Muttukrishna, (2008), The Economy of the Conflict Region: from economic embargo to economic repression


Sarvananthan, Muttukrishna, et al, (2005), co-author, ‘Informal trade in India, Nepal and Sri Lanka’, Chapter 3 in Mohsin S.Khan (ed), Economic Development in South Asia, Tata McGraw-Hill Publications, New Delhi.


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Topical Notes

  1. Sarvananthan, Muttukrishna, (2005), “Post-Tsunami Sri Lanka: Swindlers Hold Sway”, Economic and Political Weekly, Vol.40 No.17, April 23-29, pp1683-7, Mumbai.

  2. Sarvananthan, Muttukrishna, (2004), “Economic Freedom in South Asia: With Special Reference to Sri Lanka”, Contemporary South Asia, Vol.13 No.1, March, pp71-77, Oxford.


Working Papers

  1. Sarvananthan, Muttukrishna, (2006), Informal Economy in the Conflict Affected Region of Sri Lanka, PPID Working Paper Series, No.6, December, Point Pedro Institute of Development, Point Pedro.

  2. Sarvananthan, Muttukrishna, (2006), In pursuit of a mythical State of Tamil Eelam: Rejoinder to Kristian Stokke – a long distance propagandist, PPID Working Paper Series, special issue, May, Point Pedro Institute of Development, Point Pedro.

  3. Sarvananthan, Muttukrishna, (2005), Poverty in the Conflict-Affected Region of Sri Lanka: An Assessment, PPID Working Paper Series, No.5, December, Point Pedro Institute of Development, Point Pedro.

  4. Sarvananthan, Muttukrishna, (2005), Post-Tsunami North&East Sri Lanka: Swindlers hold sway, PPID Working Paper Series, No.4, June, Point Pedro Institute of Development, Point Pedro.


PPID Website

The Point Pedro Institute of Development gratefully acknowledges the financial sponsorship by Dr. Rohan Samarajiva for the setting up of the PPID website in July 2005 by Indrajit Samarajiva. Due to the generosity of Dr. Rohan Samarajiva and able technical assistance by Indrajit Samarajiva, all the activities of PPID and many more knowledge products are available online free-of-charge. The Principal Researcher uploads new knowledge products as and when they become available. PPID Website is a storehouse of knowledge products. 

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